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Intercultural & Interdisciplinary Skills

Intercultural & Interdisciplinary Skills

We are an international services company that specializes in intercultural and interdisciplinary consulting, training and coaching of managers as well as employees who work in a multicultural and international environment.

The globalization and internationalization trend seems to have captured even the small sized companies. These are the needs and requirements of the companies that we seek to meet and satisfy. That is the reason, we have put together an international team of experts whose members are generally qualified and tested in practice, have sound theoretical knowledge, bring interdisciplinary, international and intercultural experiences.

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Therefore, we offer you a unique intercultural approach:

Due to the fact that purely economic oriented approaches have long became history, as in addition to the economic and technical expertise, entrepreneurs, managers and employees require intercultural skills as a key expertise of the 21st century business skills.

These intercultural skills have become part of everyday business that leaders, colleagues, customers, suppliers, business and network partners from different cultures should possess. The workplace has become the gathering place of many cultures and subjected to immense cross-cultural dynamics. To display the importance for intercultural expertise and competence , which is highly underestimated, it is useful here to refer to the many studies which has proven that the lack of intercultural skills and intercultural preparations  in many corporations and businesses lead to the following shocking results. :

- About 60 % of all failed international assignments,

- About 50 % of all failed international negotiations
- About 70 % of all failed joint ventures
- About 65 % of all failed international Projects

Accordingly we have an interdisciplinary approach:

Since the knowledge that a company's activities and international business are products of a macro- economic, economic, sociological, psychological, technical, cultural economic and political sub-disciplines is , therefore , an interdisciplinary approach is extremely essential.

The global business is particularly a very sophisticated issue , in which a single dimension disciplinary approach cannot tackle the ever increasing complex business atmosphere that we live in.. Therefore, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary to analyze a business project from the perspective of their respective disciplines and minimize business risks in a targeted market.

A company that analyzes just the economic and technical aspects , but overlooks the  political, cultural economic and sociological realities is possibly risking the failure of their investment or risk a decrease in revenue .

For all these scientific and practical realizations, we have developed a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach to a consulting, training and coaching to offer, including the business, economic, political and cross-cultural aspects of international business.